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Training Videos for Older Versions of BarTender

These videos are for older versions of BarTender, as indicated below. Videos for the most recent version are also available.

Getting Started

General Topics

  • Removing the Use of Trial Features (9.3 – 9.4)
    How to "clean" your label designs so that they no longer try to access features only found in higher editions of BarTender than you are using.

  • Exporting Label Images (9.3 – 9.4)
    How to export part or all of your BarTender label as a graphic.

Specifying Data for Your Labels

The BarTender System Database

  • Setting Up a System Database (9.3 – 9.4)
    Creating and configuring a BarTender System Database. (The optional System Database is required by BarTender and the Companion Applications for logging, auditing, security management, and advanced document control. It is not used for storing live label data.)

  • Configuring Permissions to the System Database (9.3 – 9.4)
    Using SQL Management Studio to properly configure user permissions for access to the BarTender System Database.

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